Gritcube envisions an entrepreneurial Africa with scalable and robust businesses that will create employment and stimulate economic growth.



Sub-Saharan African countries currently hold only 2 percent of world GDP, despite having 14% of world population and the fastest population growth rate in the world. The World Bank projects that 600 million jobs need to be created in the next 15 years, primarily in Africa and Asia. Building high-growth startups is a promising channel of fostering job creation, but African entrepreneurs face a great deal of financial and environmental barriers in creating new businesses.

Gritcube is a mission-driven organization that accelerates startups in Africa at low cost. We leverage technology to reduce the costs of business acceleration and expands the global reach of African startups by matching startups with direct business consulting support. 


Our Startups

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We implement a stringent review process to identify the highest potential startups in Africa. The startups we collaborate with are chosen from an intense selection process based on background, demonstration of persistence and passion, business viability, usage of technology, and innovative thinking. The entrepreneurs we support are creating exciting new businesses in the agricultural, transportation, energy, finance, design, and education sectors.

Our Consultants


Each Gritcube startup is matched with a volunteer business consultant. Our consultants are chosen based on their knowledge of business fundamentals and problem-solving skills. They guide the startups through a range of business questions, including defining the value proposition, creating a minimum viable product, marketing, and potential funding strategies. Consultants and startups connect weekly online.

Get Involved

Are you an African startup looking for resources? Are you a business professional looking for pro-bono consulting experience? Find out how you can get involved by emailing