We competitively select 5-10 innovative Zambian startups to enter our structured 3-month acceleration program. The acceleration program will involve scheduled deliverables and monthly business themes. The work that each startup completes will be evaluated by a personal consultant based in the U.S. and the Gritcube executive team. At the end of the 3-month period, we choose the highest performing startups during the acceleration period to enter our 3-9 month incubation program. The length of incubation depends on performance of the startup and ability to access funding.


2016-2017 Startup Fellows


Smart Mwang'amba
E-Learner X

E-Learner X is a creative e-learning software that runs on both computer and DVD players. The startup has worked on its technology for the past 6 years, with extensive market research on the educational needs of Zambian students in preparation for exams, and is committed to bringing e-learning to Zambian schools. They have a video demo of the software on their Facebook page, and is already being sold to customers.


Njavwa Mutambo
Musanga Logistics

Musanga Logistics is a logistics company that delivers packages for small and medium enterprises around Zambia. The startup uses an innovative mobile technology to match drivers to delivery requests, and is already making over 300 transactions monthly. Musanga Logistics has the ambition to become Zambia's pre-eminent one-stop shop for deliveries, within Lusaka and across the country. Check out their website here: www.musangalogistics.com


Joshua Muleya
Solar-Powered Lamps for Off-Grid Households

Joshua Muleya's company supplies solar-powered lights to off-grid rural households in Zambia. The startup is using creative financing options to allow off-grid households to have the financial means to purchase the lights. The startup has an existing partnership with a major solar powered light producer in the region, and will leverage its partnerships with various NGOs to establish a low-cost supply chain. The startup has a broader mission of improving the educational outcomes of children living in rural areas who may need the solar powered lights to study at night. 


Tundwa Siyubo

Kwacha4You is a loan advertising platform and financial education media website. The platform allows financial lenders, including microfinance companies, to pay for advertisements of loans on the website. The lenders will also have the opportunity to sponsor media content, including videos and articles. Users will use the website to gain information on loan options around Zambia. The company will also offer training sessions to teach users to be better investors and become more informed on financial products. Check out their website here: http://www.kwacha4you.com


David Sikaona
Ascendant Media

Ascendant Media is a graphic design and marketing company. The founder is a talented graphic designer with a portfolio of existing work and customers. The marketing company will expand on its social media portfolio, and expand offerings related to design and publicity needs for its clients. The startup focuses on customer satisfaction first, and is confident in its ability to deliver high quality design. Ascendant Media's Facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/ascendentmedia