Gritcube envisions an entrepreneurial Africa filled with job opportunities and economic growth


In the summer of 2015, a group of individuals found that they all shared a passion to contribute to the economic growth of African countries through the development and diversification of its private sectors. With this passion in mind, they formed Gritcube: a mission-driven organization that accelerates startups in Africa at low cost.


Jessica Shen


U.C. Berkeley alumni with a background in Digital Marketing, Jessica is passionate about using the power of technology to create productive relationships, expand capacity, and increase learning and information.

Jay Chikobe

​Business Development & Finance

Business development consultant with a background in startup enterprise, Jay is passionate about spreading an innovative and scale-able approach to incubation in Africa.

Jennifer Shen


Duke Alumni with a background in interdisciplinary social science research, Jennifer is passionate about ​the power of locally-founded startups to increase income and employment in Africa.

Indiana Baseden


Development professional with a background in environment & development, Indiana is passionate about working with inspiring, young entrepreneurs who are eager to change the business landscape in Zambia.​

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